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Let your smile

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Your smile is the first thing people see. Before makeup, before what you’re wearing, people connect with you through your facial  expressions. 

A great smile makes you appear more likable, fun, approachable and destined for success. 

The great news is that you can control how the world sees you!

Why an orthodontist?

is right for you

Moving teeth into a beautiful & confident smile is an art. Given her extensive experience, Dr. Nahal can reduce or eliminate occurrences of teeth shifting back, extended retainer use, or even having braces on for as long as two full years.

Dr. Nahal’s ability to correct her clients teeth in up to 40% less time is one of many reasons for her receiving the coveted “Top Invisalign Physician” award.

Wedding photo courtesy of Roshawn Alano,
KC Smile Gallery patient

Patient Feedback
We're changing how people treat their skin.
"If you’ve been thinking of switching/starting with a new dental office, please consider this practice. The entire staff is super friendly and is VERY welcoming. I am currently getting clear braces here with Dr. Niknam and it’s by far the best experience I’ve had with any dental office. Every single step of the process is carefully explained to me and I really enjoy that. Overall, the office has a luxurious atmosphere that is enhanced by the modern decor. I’m so happy that I’ve found this place, give them a try because you won’t be disappointed."
Alexis Flores
"Been  coming to KC Smile Gallery for two months now and experienced professional and great services here. They are always willing to help provide tools that will help through the duration of my new journey. A stylish and clean place where I feel more confident with each visit."
"I always leave the office feeling on top of the world! Dr. Niknam and her assistant, Loveleen, always provide me with a great experience. The environment is welcoming, and I feel pleased and at peace with each visit. You will not be disappointed. Book your consultation now!"
Tiara White
"Our son has sensory issues so we were dreading braces. Dr. Niki supported his needs every step of the way.  She is professional, responsive and incredibly patient.  She responded immediately when we needed after hours help and found time to squeeze our son in more than once without an appointment.  His teeth look great!"
Susan Jones